uPVC Doors

Double Doors (openable)
The openable double doors are popular door designs that can add elegance to any type of setting. This is perfect for large openings because of the ability to inswing or outswing. These are new-generation uPVC double doors that are simple and elegant in an entrance door.
Single Door (openable)
The openable single doors are hinged along the edges designed to open in or open out. For a fine-looking and secured door openable single door would be ideal as there is just one opening handle from inside. These types of doors ensure a good view of the outside with security.
French Doors
The concept of opening both sides completely without seeing a middle obstruction known as French doors or double doors. Present-day uPVC items embrace the uniqueness of French doors and update the design for elite execution while holding the original character. Perfect for balcony or garden doors, it gives a country rustic
look to your home.
Bathroom Doors
Verista’s uPVC doors are a decent pick for your bathroom. Indeed they are as they are not difficult to clean, don't rot because of washroom dampness, and improve the stylish look of your home. Sliding bathrooms are ideal for more modest bathrooms as they need not bother with much space to open or close.
Louver Pattern Doors
A louver is a blind or screen with horizontal slats that are placed to concede light and air, yet to keep out the rain and direct light. You can pick louver doors for places where additional ventilation is needed. These places include kitchen storage rooms and bathrooms. The total concept of louver doors is to ensure your view while tilt for adjustable blades allows you to control the flow of air.


What is the life of uPVC Doors?

Verista’s uPVC windows and doors are highly durable and weatherproof. These require low maintenance and are well-suited for Indian weather conditions.  The average life span of uPVC windows can range from more than 15-20 years.

Does uPVC Doors require any polishing or regular paintwork?

uPVC doors are known for their minimal maintenance. Thanks to their strong structure that help retain their original shine and sheen for a longer time. All one needs to do is clean the doors with a wet microfiber cloth. Plus, Verista’s special uPVC blend accompanied by precision design ensures water resistant, noise insulation, and termite and corrosion resistance, making uPVC doors durable and long-lasting.

Are uPVC Doors noise insulated ?

Yes, Verista Doors can insulate external noise. They are engineered and installed with precision to eliminate any possible gaps and block out the outside disturbance. With features like double sealing, fusion welding, silicone sealant, and laminated glass, uPVC doors by Verista are the perfect choice

How to clean Upvc Doors?

Cleaning uPVC doors is super easy. All one needs to do is regularly wipe it with a wet microfiber cloth and that is more than enough to give your door a long service life.


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