uPVC Ventilators

Ventilator with Ex.Fan
Ventilators are best with regards to giving ventilation to the home. This is because it very well may be positioned so that they will actually be able to get the breeze and consequently direct it inside your home. The exhauster fan keeps your home cool.
Fixed Louver Ventilator
Fixed Louvers ventilators are utilized for cooling and similar ventilation demands. Fueled naturally and planned considering structural requirements, fixed louvers offer feasible yet compelling ventilation solutions. Fixed Louvers are fabricated to give extremely permanent air ventilation.
Adjustable Louver Ventilator
The adjustable louvers have operable slats mounted on the edge of the frame and can be set to give an alterable measure of air depending upon the everyday weather and climatic conditions. The design highlights of the customizable air channel louvers in the open position are more prominent than the fixed louver type. When shut the air supply is cut off through this source.


Why do we need Ventilators?

Ventilators are mainly used to control indoor air quality by displacing and diluting indoor pollution. It controls the indoor temperature, humidity and air movement for better thermal comfort.

What are the benefits of uPVC ventilators?

They are also Energy-efficient and Cost-Efficient and allows natural ventilation by admitting lighting into the house for a healthy indoor climate.

Are they eco-friendly?

Yes, they are! uPVC was invented to reduce the pollution caused by PVC. uPVC ventilators contribute to the betterment of the environment in terms of air quality.

How much does it cost?

uPVC ventilators cost a lot less than traditional windows not only that, they cut down the energy bills because of the insulation capacity.


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